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Why do we
establish RapidDirect

Since the foundation of RapidDirect in 2009, when we were merely a small factory, we have been hearing complains and frustrations from product designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs about the traditional way of manufacturing: inappropriate suppliers, inefficient communication, indefinite pricing, uncertain production process, and unpredictable lead time.

Truth be told, we weren’t satisfied with this way most manufacturers operate here today. So, we decided to build a better future for us – and more importantly, for YOU.

We leverage our 10 years’ experience in the on-demand manufacturing industry to develop a proprietary platform that gives customers access to cost-effective online pricing, all-in-one-place quote management, on-time delivery, and guaranteed high quality.

Our mission & Core values

We strive to be the leader of intelligent manufacturing in the future world. Period. That means re-defining the way the manufacturing industry operates to serve you better. RapidDirect is built on 3 key values that we’ve outlined below.

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No matter what we do, we pursue for excellence. We are dedicated to providing all convenience, from the 24/7 engineering support, to DfM feedbacks before production, quality inspection methods before delivery, etc. to provide the best value for our customers.

Rapid Direct - Efficiency


We obsess over the smallest details to make our work the highest quality possible. We research heavily, test rigorously, and analyze consistently to make sure our production and prototyping exceed standards.

“ Core Values
Are The Framework On Which
We Evaluate Our Choice ”

Rapid Direct - Control


With a mission this large, we can't accomplish it alone. That's why we're grateful to work with the likes of Emirates Airlines, Merce des Benz, Nasa and Nikon to make our processes and end products even better.


Second factory-built, ISO 9001 QMS certification achieved, oversea marketing department formed, began working with global customers.

February 2012

Established a manufacturing network through expansion and restructure, branch factories built in Dongguan, Chang’an, Tangxia, and Xiamen.

October 2016

March 2009

First self-owned factory established in Shenzhen.

March 2014

The company relocated to Jinyuda Industrial Park, establishment of the third factory, facilities expanded with over 300 machines.

August 2018

Online quotation developed in-house, enabling new business models and automated design for manufacturing (DfM) feedback.

factory 215,000 ft2
20,000 m2
CNC Machines
CNC Machines
Parts Produced
lead time
48 hrs
Order-to-Ship Time

Rapid Direct For Business

After all, we are in the manufacturing business for the people, not just the profits. We strive to make a meaningful difference in your business – and in the world. Our representations are standing by and ready to help with your projects:

  • Flexible Payment Options (PayPal/ Wire transfer/ Net 30/ Monthly payment/ Down payment)
  • Non-disclosure Agreements
  • One-to-one Account Manager
  • Design for manufacturing (DfM) feedback
  • Full dimensional report
  • Material certification
  • Additional services: Extrusion, Die Casting, Vacuum Casting, etc.
  • 1% Discount for delayed orders

The People Behind
Rapid Direct

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