How to Get a CNC Machining Quotation With RapidDirect?

The pace of technology innovation is pushing manufacturers to innovate every aspect of their business. This movement is even prevalent in the quotation process. Winning companies decrease the amount of time between the customer’s concept and the finished part. Innovative manufacturers are integrating AI, Big Data, and other advancements to streamline the quoting process. This progress in technology leads to improvements in the accuracy, reliability, and speed in preparing quotation packages.

At RapidDirect, this best-in-class Quoting System is backed by a massive, state of the art manufacturing platform – in seconds. The DfM feedback tool provides you with a comprehensive assessment of your current design, along with any design modifications to assure that our equipment can machine the component.


CAD file

The process of requesting an online quotation is straightforward. You provide a CAD file (.stp, .step, .stl) and upload it to the quotation section of our website. Our CNC machining equipment can process a part with dimensions up to an envelope of 2000x800x300mm.

 Design for Manufacture (DfM)

RapidDirect applies CNC design guidelines to each component CAD file we receive. This step determines manufacturing feasibility and helps to reduce the cost and lead time of machined parts. The AI-driven DfM feedback tool uses Deep Learning to compare the CAD geometry to our extensive database of manufactured parts.

Materials and finish

RapidDirect processes aluminum, stainless steel, brass, steel, copper, titanium, among an array of plastics found on our materials page. You specify the desired material for the intended application to ensure the part’s durability. We also provide certifications, which confirm the composition of the working material.

We provide surface finishing options for all the materials we use, ranging from anodizing to electroplating to powder coating, and plastic finishes. The part you receive is display-quality, and function exactly as you intend.


The CAD model only uses nominal dimensions. It does not account for process variability and misalignment common to the manufacturing method. For small parts under 12”, our CNC can hold to within 0.005”. WE hold medium-sized parts (between 12” and 24”) to within 0.010”. The machinery can achieve a tolerance of 1/64” at a size up to 36”. Knowing the proper tolerance is crucial when the manufacturing drawing is created off of the CAD file. You can leave special tolerancing instructions when submitting a quote, and our engineers will contact you for help.


To be flexible with your project needs, RapidDirect does not require a minimum order. You can specify different order volumes to identify price break levels, and we offer bulk pricing for efficient purchasing. You specify the bulk pricing quantity, and we provide up to three versions of the quotation. In addition, you can provide customer guidance to design engineers. We understand the constraints development teams are under, and we adapt our process to ensure you get the number of parts you need.


After specifying a lead time and drawing guidance, RapidDirect has all we need to provide a quote once you submit the CAD model.

Significant advancements in technology have improved the quoting process. You need only to create and submit a CAD file, along with product specifications as outlined above, and the quoting engine takes it from there to find the best manufacturer and track the order. Visit our site to try out the innovative quoting platform!

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