Our Manufacturing Capabilities

At RapidDirect, we offer a broad range of manufacturing solutions along with an intuitive online platform to help our clients reach their production goals. Our instant quoting software, expansive production facility and broad manufacturing network enable us to produce over 5,000 parts per day and to rapidly deliver final parts.

Rapid Direct Manufacturing Capabilities

AI-Driven Manufacturing

Our AI-based production service generates instant quotes, manufacturability feedback and estimated lead times to help you meet prototyping and end-use production requirements.

Rapid Direct - Efficiency

Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

Rapid Direct - Control

Intelligent Automatic Quoting

Rapid Direct - Transparency

Self-Operated and Franchise-based

Our Services


CNC Machining

3,4,5 axis CNC milling, CNC turning & post-processing services

3-7 days lead time
100 CNC machines
Instant pricing
Online DfM feedbacks


Injection Molding

Rapid tooling, production tooling, family molds, multi-cavity molds, overmolding

10 – 30 days lead time
50+ machines
Rapid quotation


Sheet Metal Fabrication

Laser Cutting, CNC Punching, Waterjet Cutting, Plasma Cutting, Sheet Metal Bending, Sheet Metal Welding

10 – 15 days lead time
20+ machines
Rapid quotation


3D Printing

FDM, SLA, Polyjet, SLS

3 -5 days lead time
70+ machines


RapidDirect is an ISO 9001 Certified company, ensuring quality production.

ISO 9001


From Prototype to Production

1ID/MD Design

Our team of experts provides support throughout the ID/MD design process, offering outside-the-box solutions.


Our services can fulfil a broad range of prototyping applications as well as low-volume manufacturing. We ensure cost and time efficiency.

3Structural Optimization

Our team of experts offers guidance and know-how for achieving structural optimization for any given project.

4Mass Production

Beyond prototyping and low-volume production, we also offer mass production services using a range of manufacturing techniques.

Machines & Equipments



CNC machines

Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printers

Grinding machines

Laser cutting machines

Bending machines

Injection molding machines

Milling machines