Injection Molding Advantages

  • Injection molded products are detailed and precise
  • Highly automated production process
  • Cost and time efficient for large production volumes
  • Broad range of material options
  • Minimal material waste as scrap can be recycled

RapidDirect Injection Molding Process


  • Thermoplastic Injection Molding:  RapidDirect enables the design and production of tools, dies and molds for rapid tooling, prototyping and mass production.
  • Mold Making:  Rapidly transform 3D models into high quality molds for injection molding. We offer a range of mold making processes suitable for prototyping and large production runs.
  • Overmolding:  Produce high-quality, multi-material parts by injecting a thermoplastic elastomer or silicone rubber material directly onto a rigid plastic substrate.
  • Insert Molding:  A metal preformed part is loaded into a mold and subsequently overmolded with plastic to produce the final part.


Rigid Plastics

Rigid plastics offer a range of sought after properties, including good impact strength, rigidity, thermal resistance, chemical resistance, dimensionality and color stability. The combination of strength, ductility and heat resistance make rigid plastics suitable for a range of industrial injection molding applications.


  • ABS
  • Acetal POM
  • Acrylic
  • HDPE
  • Nylon 6
  • Nylon 6/6
  • PBT
  • PC-PBT
  • PEEK
  • PEI
  • PLA
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polypropylene
  • PPE-PS
  • PPS
  • PSU
  • PVC

Flexible Plastics

Flexible plastics are also broadly used in injection molding for applications that require elasticity. The fast curing materials are used in the manufacturing, military and art sectors, to name but a few.


  • LDPE
  • PC-ABS
  • PET
  • Polyethylene
  • Polystyrene

Rubber Plastics

Rubber plastics are well suited for injection molding because they can easily be brought to molten state and poured into molds. When solidified, they do not require any release agents to be removed from the molds. Rubber plastics demonstrate flexibility, high temperature resistance for post-cure processes and cost-efficiency.


  • TPE
  • TPV


Diamond Buff Polish

A grade finishes are made using a diamond buffing process and yield shiny and glossy surfaces.

Paper Polish

B grade finishes use grit sandpaper to produce parts with a slightly rougher finish than grade A parts. Products that undergo B grade finishing have a matte surface texture.

Stone Polish

C grade finishes use grit sanding stones to produce a rough, uneven surface. Products that undergo C grade finishing have a matte surface texture.

Dry Blast Polish

D grade finishes use grit and dry glass beads or oxide to produce a very rough textured finish. Depending on the type of material used, products can have a satin or dull finish.


Rapid Prototyping
Rapid Prototyping

Injection Molding is perfect for rapid prototyping, especially when you have to validate and test a concept part. Rapid prototyping comes with an additional tooling charge which is an industry wide standard and our team will work closely with your team to determine the best process for the product you need to make.

Direct Manufacturing
End-Use Production

Injection molding is most broadly used for end-use production, as it is capable of producing high-quality parts and products at a mass scale. At RapidDirect, we leverage state-of-the-art injection molding technology to produce components that are durable, end-use ready and meet all of our customers’ specific requirements.


RapidDirect’s Injection Molding Services



Injection molding is a manufacturing process that is used across nearly all industries and which consists of injecting molten material into a mold and removing it once it is solidified. From electronic appliances, to automotive accessories, to food packaging, injection molded products are everywhere. Manufacturers are attracted to the process for its rapid production and high output as well as its cost-efficiency for mass production. We work with our clients to ensure that their injection molded parts are of the highest quality and meet all of their requirements.


Why Injection Molding At RapidDirect?


  • The molds required for your Injection Molded pieces are created using RapidDirect’s contemporary CNC suite of services. We can create a mold that is extremely detailed and accurate, which will produce the same qualities in the finished product.
  • In many ways the mold is the most important part of this process and it is important to get it the way you need it to be. Our team is ready to work with you to make a perfect mold.
  • Injection Molding is a highly automated process, and setting it up right pre-production can reduce your costs in time and raw material. We can help you produce any kind of molded product or single piece that you need.
  • There are options with Injection Molding like being able to make multiple parts on a single mold and overmolding. Planning ahead about grouped parts or overmolding can save you production and material cost. Speak with our team and put our expertise to work.
  • Mass production orders can reduce your cost and production time. We know how to implement measures to keep your costs down for large orders.

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