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PA (Nylon)

Introduction to PA Nylon

PA Nylon Parts

Polyamide (PA), commonly known as nylon, is a versatile thermoplastic polymer renowned for its impressive balance of mechanical properties and durability. Originating from the family of synthetic polymers, PA nylon has carved a niche for itself in various industries due to its unique combination of strength, flexibility, and resistance to wear and abrasion.

Information of PA Nylon

Features Info

A white or cream color


Injection molding, 3D printing

With drawing: as low as +/- 0.005 in. No drawing: ISO 2768 medium

Applications Automotive components, consumer goods, industrial and mechanical parts, electrical and electronics, medical, ect.



Available PA Nyloy Subtypes





PA 6 (Nylon 6)

Derived from caprolactam Offers a good balance of strength, toughness, and thermal resistance Automotive components, gears, consumer goods, and textiles

PA 66 (Nylon 6,6)

Formed from the polymerization of adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine Slightly higher melting point and better wear resistance than PA 6 Automotive parts, cable ties, industrial components, and textiles

PA 11

Bio-based, derived from castor oil Excellent UV resistance, flexibility, and lower environmental impact Tubing, automotive fuel lines, and sports equipment
PA 12 Derived from laurolactam Known for its flexibility and resistance to chemicals and UV radiation Flexible tubing, pneumatic systems, and automotive applications


Surface Finishes for Your Choosing

Name Description Texture Link
Painting PA nylon can be painted to improve its aesthetic appeal, provide UV protection, or add a layer of chemical resistance. Proper surface preparation, such as cleaning and priming, is essential for optimal paint adhesion. Smooth, glossy finish or a matte, rough finish Learn more
Polishing Nylon parts can be mechanically polished to achieve a smooth, glossy finish. This is often done for aesthetic reasons or to create a smoother contact surface.

Very smooth and even glossy finish

Learn more
P02 2 S07 Brushing 1 Laser Marking Lasers can be used to mark or engrave PA nylon parts with barcodes, serial numbers, logos, or other information.

Based on the laser’s intensity and the desired depth of the mark


Gallery of PA Nylon Parts

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