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RapidDirect team has worked round the clock and stayed true to our mission to revolutionize the industry. Now, we’re bringing you a whole new website, created with you, our customer, in mind. From a new, user-friendly interface to more valuable content and an intuitive quoting platform, our new website upgraded, enhanced, and unique digital experience.

With the newly updated website, we look to help you bring your designs and products to market in the most innovative way. Here’s a look at what’s new and what’s changed in the sections below.

Fresh and Streamlined Look

The first thing to notice on our website is its fresh and streamlined look. Our updated logo is simple and direct, showcasing our uniqueness. The iterations made to this logo ensure that it meets current global trends and aligns with our company’s growth. We have put together the initial eagle bird idea with the “R” initial and our company’s forward direction to give a simple illustration.

rapiddirect homepage

Additionally, the website layout is sleek and clean, with a consistent color scheme and the removal of unnecessary elements. The color choice promotes our dedication to consistently delivering reliable manufacturing services to our customers. The uniformity and consistency improve the legibility of website contents, ensuring you are focused on the important details and can easily find navigation elements.

We didn’t stop there. Our online quotation platform also received upgrades in terms of looks and functionality. The modern, more intuitive interface ensures you spend less time uploading your files, obtaining quotes, and ordering your parts. This streamlines your quoting experience, prevents delay, and helps you focus on other aspects of your business.

More Compelling Content

RapidDirect understands that content is king, and we always look to put every customer in the driver’s seat and help you take charge of their manufacturing experience. Therefore, the content available on the new website is more compelling and educative. The content ranges from instructional guides to detailed overviews of manufacturing processes, guides to materials and finishes, case studies, how-to articles, and many more. The website launch also comes with a corresponding launch of whitepapers and PDFs, which are more detailed explanations of different concepts.

“The redesigned website finally allows our customers to tap into our large library of informative and enlightening content for free. Besides our usual blog posts and knowledge-based articles, visitors to our website can now enjoy even more comprehensive content from whitepapers. We believe this will help them better understand the concept of their projects.”

Leon Huang, CEO of RapidDirect

With so much informative content available, you don’t need too many clicks to reach your destination. As part of our aim to improve visitors’ experience, the redesigned website incorporates enhanced support and easier searching. We have made everything on our website clear and straightforward. From the search bar, we ensure easy navigation to your desired content. Links are descriptive, ensuring you know the action you want to take. A combination of our user-friendly website interface with clear navigation improves your search.

rapiddirect valuable content

Improved Experience in Online Quoting Platform

The instant quoting platform on our website is another improved feature; you can’t miss it! Its learning algorithm aims to bridge the gap between businesses and manufacturing. It can easily detect the geometries of your CAD models and quickly identify manufacturability issues.

online quotation platform

Our new DFM system checks for critical issues on your part design that could increase machining difficulty or production costs. Our new DFM system can analyze various features, including holes, internal corners, thin walls, narrow areas, material volume, wall thickness, and more. To help you get the best out of your project, we will provide you with a free DFM analysis report containing a detailed breakdown of your design decisions.

Moreover, our newly designed platform ensures that you don’t have to spend too much time uploading files and receiving quotes. This improved experience ensures faster cost estimation and easier parts ordering.

More Upgrades to Come…

We don’t plan to slow down! RapidDirect always looks for new ways to improve product development experience and customer satisfaction. Therefore, you should look forward to more upgrades to further help you meet your unique needs.

We are working towards introducing the mobile version of our quotation platform. This way, you can upload your design files at any convenient location and get instant quotes. In a bid to deliver more valuable content, we would upload regular enlightening videos related to manufacturing processes. This will give you a clearer view and a better understanding.

Check out our new website today to experience various premium features.

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