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Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

At RapidDirect, we assure our customers receive custom, fast turnarounds and cost-effective sheet metal prototyping fabrication services that cater to their individual needs from low-volume prototype to high-volume production. Our sheet metal fabrication processes include water jet, laser and plasma cutting, hydraulic and magnetic brakes, stamping, punching, and welding.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Sheet Metal Fabrication Processes

In sheet metal fabrication, different tools can be used to cut sheet metal to the desired shape and size. RapidDirect’s network of sheet metal machinery includes high-velocity water jets, lasers, and plasma cutting tools, all of which are suitable for industrial manufacturing.

Punching machines are more effective than cutting machines for creating holes. The punching process involves fitting a sheet of metal in between a punch and a die mounted inside a press. When the punch is pressed into the die, a hole or depression is created in the sheet metal.By carrying out multiple punches in series, it is possible to create more complex shapes from the sheet metal.

Stamping involves placing a piece of sheet metal into a stamping press, which forms the metal into the desired net shape using male and female dies. Stamping processes include hemming, ironing and coining.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Processes


Surface Finishes

Surface Finishes 1
Anodization is the most common surface treatment for painting and priming as it provides excellent corrosion resistance to machined parts, improving the hardness and wear-resistance of the surface while dissipating heat.
Anodization (Type II or Type III)
Surface Finishes 2
Bead blasting consists of blowing small glass beads against the surface of the machined part in a controlled manner. This technique results in a smooth surface with a matte texture.
Bead Blast
Surface Finishes 3
After the removal of support structures from the part, its surface is media blasted to enhance its uniform finish. For a smooth surface quality and a high level of feature detailing, SLA is the preferred finish.
Surface Finishes 4
Chemical films are corrosion resistant and provide good conductivity. The coating process results in a golden surface finish and is predominantly used as a base for paint.
Chemical Film (Chromate Conversion Coating)
Surface Finishes 5
In the powder coating process, powdered paint is sprayed directly onto the part, which is then baked in an oven, forming a durable, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant layer. A wide variety of colour options are available in the powder coating process.
Powder Coat
Surface Finishes 6
RapidDirect customers can also choose a customized finishing process based on their requirements. Our experts will work with clients to achieve specific finishing requests, such as surface cleaning, tarnish resistance and vulcanization.etc.


Applications Enclosures


Because of the process’ cost efficiency, sheet metal fabrication is commonly used in the production of enclosures, including device panels, boxes and cases. Sheet metal can be used to manufacture a broad range of enclosure features such as rack mounts, distinct shapes and consoles.

Applications Chassis


Sheet metal fabrication also has applications in the production of chassis for electromechanical controls. Using the fabrication technique, chassis can be built based on precise dimensions that ensure the alignment of hole patterns between different parts. Sheet metal fabrication is suitable for a wide range of chassis, from small devices to large testing equipment.

Applications Brackets


Brackets produced using sheet metal fabrication are common in various industrial applications as they offer excellent corrosion resistance. When manufacturing brackets, we include all the necessary hardware and fasteners.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts Gallery

Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts 1 Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts 2 Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts 3 Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts 4 Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts 5

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