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No more enduring for inconvenient traditional manufacturing. Enjoy seamless manufacturing experience for rapid prototyping and production.

Rapid Direct platform for manufacturing

Start your project in 3 steps

From our quoting system right down to our manufacturing process, our primary goal is to make the experience extremely easy for our clients.

upload file

Upload files

The first step of getting your quality-certified parts with us is to upload your CAD/2D files to our quoting platform.

specify requirement

Specify requirements

Upload your design files to our quoting platform. We respect your intellectual property, and use SSL encryption to ensure data safety.

start production

Start production

Once requirements are specified, you can get instant price for your parts. You can save your quote price for 7 days, or go straight into production.

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Upload your design files,
get quote and start production today!

Instant Pricing

Gone are the days where you have to wait for ages before getting your quote. With the instant pricing feature on our platform, you can get the price of your CNC machining project with just the click of a button. For other projects like injection molding and sheet metal fabrication, you can get the quote in a matter of hours.

Automated DfM Analysis

Having a market-beater design is great, but this could pose difficulties for the machinist at times. Our automated DfM analysis helps to detect un-machinable features in your design and provides good suggestions. With these cost-effective suggestions, it can also help to reduce the cost of manufacturing your parts. The best part? It comes at no additional cost!

Bulk price comparing

Why request multiple quotes for different quantities of the same part when you can simply use bulk price comparison? With our bulk price comparison, you can get prices for the production of prototypes and full production runs. This way, you can easily compare the price and go for the best that fits your budget.

Manage all your quotes and orders in one place

Say goodbye to endless searching of your quotes and orders. With our quoting platform, you can now compare prices, lead times, and designs of your quotes and orders. This makes it easier to compare your different quotes before making orders. You can also share quotes with others on your team.

Clear overview

You do not need to scroll endlessly before finding quotes on our platform. Our quoting platform allows you to manage all your quotes in one page.

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Custom filter

Looking for a particular quote? Tab filter’s got your back. With this feature, you can find any quote easily by using the date, its status, or number.

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Easy management

Managing your quotes has never been easier. With our quoting platform, you can easily send orders into production, contact customer support, or even cancel your order. All these can be done with just the click of a button!

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Timely support

Need our help? Our quoting platform has customer support on speed dial. If you need any technical or functional support, you can get help within an hour (even less most times!)

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Transparent manufacturing process

With RapidDirect, you’re fully informed during the manufacturing process of your part. From the source of materials to every stage of manufacturing, you’re with us every step of the way. We upload every stage to the platform with images and descriptions, so that latest updates are always right at your fingertips.

Production start
Production update
Production finish
Order delivery

Preferred Online Prototyping and Manufacturing Services

RD client

Hunt Dabney

The 4 parts look great and work very well. This order was to solve a problem on some equipment, so only the 4 parts were needed.

We were very pleased with your quality, cost and delivery, and will certainly order from you in the future. I have also recommended you to friends who own other companies.

- Owner at HDA Technology
RD client

Bjorn Steinar Blumenstein

The service at RapidDirect is phenomenal and Cherry has assisted us with great patience and understanding.

Great service as well as the product itself, exactly what we asked for and works amazingly. Especially considering the small details we were requesting. Good looking produckt.

- Product Designer at Plasplan
RD client

Lars Gerchow

I couldn’t be happier with this order. The quality is as quoted and the lead time was very not only very fast and it was done on schedule.

The service was absolute world-class. Thanks a lot to Linda Dong from the sales team for the outstanding assistance. Also, the contact with the engineer Laser was top-notch.

- Scientist at STEER
RD client

Kaushik Bangalore

Hi June, Yes we picked up the product and it looks great!

Thank you for your quick support in getting this done. We will be in contact shortly for future orders 🙂

- Engineer at Orbital Sidekick

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