Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Material certification, Full dimensional inspection report,
Instant pricing & DfM feedback

h CNC Machining

Milling (3, 4, 5-axis), turning & post-processing

3 - 7 days lead time
300+ CNC machines

CNC Machining

CNC milling and turning processes for precise and rapid manufacturing.

h Injection Molding

Rapid tooling, family molds, multi-cavity molds, and overmolding

10 – 30 days lead time
50+ machines

Injection Molding

Cost-effective and high quality production at a mass scale.

h Sheet Metal Fabrication

Laser cutting, bending & post-processing

10 – 15 days lead time
20+ machines

Sheet Metal Fabrication

High quality metal manufacturing with broad material selection and finishes.

h 3D Printing

FDM, SLA, SLS, MJF, DMLS & Polyjet

3 -5 days lead time
70+ machines

3D Printing

Polymer and metal 3D printing for rapid prototyping and end-use production.

Real customer feedbacks

Testimonial 6 Lead Time

I received the part last night and I am really happy with the results. I plan to bring more orders to you in the future, mostly of one off custom parts. Thanks so much!

Testimonial 4 Service

Thank you for the attention to detail and working with us to get his first order completed. Your speed at communication and positive approach is a real credit. We look forward to an ongoing reliable relationship with you and your company.

Testimonial 3 Service

Getting the quotation online is a mind-blowing experience, and the result turned out to be impressive. It saves me a lot of time and efforts on communicating. 

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Digital Online Manufacturing

Upload design files, select processing, and we will handle everything else in a cost-effective and efficient way. Every process is transparent and synchronized in real-time, you can track your order at any time you want.

Strong Engineering Support

The engineering team of 150 technicians is ready to support you on everything from material advice at early-stage prototyping to technical reminders at product development and end-use mass production.

Expansive Manufacturing Network

As the largest manufacturing network in China, we have a factory area of 20,000㎡, state-of-the-art equipment including 500 CNC machines, six gantry milling sets and a range of auxiliary equipment. Besides, we have partners located across the country, which means we can always ensure the best lead time and price for our clients.

Quality Services and online platform

Our Platform

Get quotation by simply upload design files and select processing. Quotations are generated on 100,000 parts we've produced, ensuring supreme accuracy and cost-competitiveness.
Skip the back and forth emails and endless searching in the mailbox, review your design online and manage all your quotations in one place.
Once you have received a quote by email, simply take 3 steps to complete the order. Your parts will then go straight to our production queue.
No more wondering what is happening to your order, we synchronize every process online and send you notification at each stage of the order. You have everything under control.

From Prototype to Production

1ID/MD Design

Our team of experts provides support throughout the ID/MD design process, offering outside-the-box solutions.


Our services can fulfil a broad range of prototyping applications as well as low-volume manufacturing. We ensure cost and time efficiency.

3Structural Optimization

Our team of experts offers guidance and know-how for achieving structural optimization for any given project.

4Mass Production

Beyond prototyping and low-volume production, we also offer mass production services using a range of manufacturing techniques.

1m +
Parts Produced
10,000 +
Coustomers Served
ISO 9001
SGS, RoHS Certified

Instant Quote & Order

Only 4 simple steps to complete your project. Follow the instruction and give it a try!

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