Manufacturing Standards

RapidDirect provides 3, 4, 5 axis CNC milling, CNC turning, and post-processing services for the diverse manufacturing requirements. Our general tolerances are +/-0.125mm (+/-0.005") and tighter tolerances up to +/-0.01mm (+/-0,000393") is available on your request.
Various injection molding services, including rapid tooling, family molds, multi-cavity molds, over molding, etc. are provided here at RapidDirect. Check the default manufacturing standards below:
We are experienced in sheet metal fabrication services, featuring high tolerance and wide thickness range laser cutting, bending capabilities, along with various post-processing options.
Favored in functional parts prototyping, 3D printing is the rising service in RapidDirect business. We provide mainstream FDM, SLA, SLS, Polyjet, for other technologies please contact us.
Part sizeToleranceAngularity
< 300 mm (12″)± 0.125 mm (± 0.005″)± 0.5°
< 600 mm (24″)± 0.250 mm (± 0.010″)± 1.0°
< 900 mm (36″)± 0.400 mm (± 1/64″)± 1.0°
< 1500 mm (60″)± 0.8 mm (± 1/32″)± 1.0°
> 1500 mm (60″)± 1.6 mm (± 1/16″)± 1.0°

Part size (mm)Precision toleranceOrdinary mold tolerance
Forming and bending+/- 0.020”
Bend to hole or feature+/- 0.010”
Linear dimensions excluding locations to bends+/- 0.005”
Diameters with inserts+0.003/-0
Angularity+/- 2 degrees
Surface roughness (blank material)Ra 125 uin max
Surface roughness (timesave)Ra 100 uin max
FDM± 0.5% with a lower limit of ± 0.5 mm (± 0.020″)
SLA± 0.5% with a lower limit of ± 0.15 mm (± 0.006″)
SLS/MJF± 0.3% with a lower limit of ± 0.3 mm (± 0.012″)
Polyjet± 0.1% with a lower limit of ± 0.1 mm (± 0.004″)
DMLS± 0.2% with a lower limit of ± 0.2 mm (± 0.008″) for parts smaller than 10 mm in any dimension. ± 2% for parts over 10 mm in any dimension.

Inspection at Every Step

In order to deliver consistently high-quality parts that meet our customer needs, we employ a series of inspection methods, covering the entire manufacturing process.

Before production

DfM Feedback

From the moment a customer uploads a CAD file onto RapidDirect’s online platform, they have access to our DfM feedback tool (Design for Manufacturing), which analyzes the manufacturability of the CAD model. The DfM feedback tool instantly analyzes the part and calculates the manufacturability of each feature by comparing part information to data from our extensive manufacturing database. The tool highlights any design issues, including radius or hole size, internal corners, grooves and wall thickness, and offers design instructions.

DfM Feedback


RapidDirect employs X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis to inspect the quality of the materials it uses. The XRF process is a non-destructive testing method that uses short-wave X-rays or gamma radiation to determine the elemental composition of metals, plastics and other materials. In the XRF inspection process, the elements in the material reflect the X-rays with a particular wavelength. These wavelengths are then measured using a specialized spectrometer, which detects different types of elements and their concentrations.

On-spot inspection

On-site inspection system

Fundamentally, this system helps to find the material block position. It provides better efficiency and higher precision, comparing with manually inspections by operator. The system will adjust the cutting path automatically according to the inspection result. In addition, you can either check the parts manually or pre-set the checking points.

Find out the issues at the earliest stage, to avoid possible mistakes that will help us to save cost and time.

on-site inspection
in-process quality control

In-process quality control (IPQC)

IPQC (In Process Quality Control) is the controlling procedures involved in manufacturing. The checks are carried out before the manufacturing process is completed. The function of in-process controls is to monitor, and adapt necessary adjustments during the manufacturing process, in order to comply with the specifications.

IPQC prevents errors during processing so that human errors during process can be minimized.

Before-delivery inspection


After manufacturing is complete, an optical comparator, also known as a projector, is used to inspect components, precisely measuring their dimensions and comparing them to the original dimensions of the CAD model. This technique can measure many shapes using a multi-point positioning function and is capable of highly accurate readings. Any inconsistencies detected by the projector are alerted in a detailed inspection report.

cnc inspection projector
cnc inpspection CMM

Coordinate Measuring Machine

At RapidDirect, we use a second inspection process after manufacturing using a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). CMMs are designed to measure physical parts by sensing and collecting points along the object’s surface using a probe. By capturing a series of points from the object, CMM technology can accurately determine the dimensions of components. It is especially suitable for parts with complex geometries.

Quality reports & certifications

full dimension inspection

Full Dimensional Inspection Report

For every order on our platform, we provide a full dimensional inspection report on customers’ request. Dimensions are verified using a precision measuring instrument (caliper or gauge) and with a Coordinate Measuring Machine when required. The report includes:

  • Quantity of parts
  • Critical dimensions
  • Threads and tolerances
  • Thicknesses and depths
  • Part appearance
material certification

Material certification

On the request of customers, we can provide the certification of the material used in the manufacturing process. The report comes from the raw material manufacturer and usually includes:

  • Material heat number
  • Material grade
  • Material dimensions
  • Mechanical properties
  • Chemical analysis
  • Heat treatment (if applicable)

First Part Verification

To give our customers peace of mind before moving into production, we offer First Part Verification. The program, which allows our customers to verify first components in-house, is commonplace for Injection Molding orders and can be specially requested for CNC Machining.
As part of RapidDirect’s First Part Verification program, we will ship two sets of parts to the customer for verification and approval. Once the parts have been validated, we can move into full production. This offering is designed to allow our customers to move into production with full confidence.

Rework & Refund Policy

Our number one priority at RapidDirect is delivering high-quality parts that meet customer requirements. If your order is not up to this standard and fails to meet specifications, please get in touch with us within five business days of receiving your order and we will resolve the problem rapidly, within 1-3 business days.

Rework criteria
- Unacceptable processing defects
- Fail to meet tolerance requirement
- Use wrong material / finish

Refund criteria
- The part is not machinable
- The customer does not agree to rework
- Other reasons

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