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Hunt Dabney

Hunt Dabney

The 4 parts look great and work very well. This order was to solve a problem on some equipment, so only the 4 parts were needed.

We were very pleased with your quality, cost and delivery, and will certainly order from you in the future. I have also recommended you to friends who own other companies.

- Owner at HDA Technology
Micah Holmes

Micah Holmes

Nanno, I attached a couple pictures of the finished project. I'm extremely happy with your team's work.

I don't have any other projects currently in the works but I'm pretty sure that if I ever need any work like this done, you'll be one of the first places I look to. Thanks!

- Personal Designer
Bjorn Steinar Blumenstein

Bjorn Steinar Blumenstein

The service at RapidDirect is phenomenal and Cherry has assisted us with great patience and understanding.

Great service as well as the product itself, exactly what we asked for and works amazingly. Especially considering the small details we were requesting. Good looking produckt.

- Product Designer at Plasplan
Rayner Moss

Rayner Moss

The motor tube was great, within tolerances and the finish was very nice. It was packaged very well and even though the box was clearly thrown around in transit, the contents were perfect.

The next time I need something machined I will definitely be coming to you.

- Individual Engineer
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Lars Gerchow

Lars Gerchow

I couldn't be happier with this order. The quality is as quoted and the lead time was very not only very fast and it was done on schedule.

The service was absolute world-class. Thanks a lot to Linda Dong from the sales team for the outstanding assistance. Also, the contact with the engineer Laser was top-notch.

- Scientist at STEER
Drew Mumaw

Drew Mumaw

Excellent job by production being able to use grips for the anodizing bath instead of a hole in the center of the part.

Always quick and easy dealing with Tammy - great communication! We look forward to doing business with RapidDirect soon.

- Mechanical Engineer
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Not just another ordinary prototype manufacturing company from China, we are dedicated to building an easier and more elegant prototype parts manufacturing process.
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Providing high quality, cost-effective custom parts prototyping and prototype production services from China.

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CNC Machining

Providing high quality, cost-effective custom parts prototyping and prototype production services from China.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Laser cutting, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, bending, welding and stamping services

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RapidDirect helps customer achieve their goal on a case-by-case principle, we provide technical considerations and solutions.

Sheet metal fabrication, 6pcs

Customer's design is ideal but in real production due to the flexibility of metal, the bending parts will have gaps.

RD suggests to make spot weld or line weld to avoid the gaps.

RD provides suggestions to reduce the difference from design to prototyping.

Customer is happy to accept the advice and send good review when received prototypes.

Injection molding, 2500pcs

The customer's design was OK, but there was an area that affected the mold exiting. We provided the customer with a DFM that was easy to exit the mold, and the customer changed the design according to our suggestion, which helped the customer save more than 1,000 USD. Finally, the sample passed the customer's test successfully and was put into mass production.

We make the manufacturing of molds more feasible and cost-saving for customers while meeting the usage needs.

Provide Manufacturing Feasibility Analysis Report, Design for Manufacturing Report, tooling schedule, sample parts for testing.

All the suggestions were adopted, and the samples passed the test, 2500 pieces were successfully molded and delivered to the customer, who expressed great satisfaction.

CNC machining, 20pcs

Client's design is not economical, too many irregular grooves designed on the curved surface, resulting in high milling cost.

RapidDirect illustrated a diagram and suggested the client to reduce irregular curved grooves, and use regular rectangle groove instead.

The client accepted the suggestion and optimized the model.

Te total cost was saved by 30%, meanwhile the essential concept of the design was kept.
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Before the production stage begins, our engineering team performs a technical assessment on your parts design. This includes an assessment on important factors such as material, surface finish, structure, process, and other details of your 3D and 2D drawings.

At RapidDirect, we strictly obey the ISO9001:2015 requirements. The quality control staff conducts routine inspections for all parts that are being produced every 2 hours. This further prevents risks from happening.

For all orders, we provide full dimensional inspection report on request. This report will include the following: quantity of parts, critical dimensions, threads and tolerances, thicknesses and depths, part appearance, etc.

Quality assurance

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