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RapidDirect x Rennteam Stuttgart: Innovation Collaboration of Racecar Engineering

Table of Contents

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    Project BriefRapidDirect proudly supports Rennteam Stuttgart by manufacturing 2 mainbar components and over 80 Aluminum inserts. Our precision engineering ensures they’re ready to conquer the Formula Student competitions, giving the team a winning edge.
    TechnologyCNC machining
    MaterialsAluminum 7075
    Surface FinishingAs Machined
    Challenges1. Machining challenges: Thin-wall mainbar part, holes with tolerance, irregular shape, different machining surfaces, ease of distortion
    2. Tight delivery schedule
    SolutionsRapidDirect employs advanced 4-axis CNC machining and CNC turning-milling compound machining techniques to guarantee that all part requirements are met with precision and excellence. Our robust supply chain ensures that we can maintain a tight delivery schedule, making certain that your project stays on track and is delivered promptly.
    The ResultThe Rennteam Stuttgart racecar, equipped with meticulously crafted mainbar parts and precision-engineered aluminum inserts, achieved outstanding results in Formula Student competitions.


    Rennteam Stuttgart is a highly successful team from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Renowned for their record-breaking victories, groundbreaking designs, and unmatched engineering acumen, this team geared up for a game-changing venture in Formula Student in 2023.

    Their aspirations are nothing short of extraordinary, including the development of a cutting-edge hybrid powertrain, the optimization of weight and stiffness, and the introduction of self-designed brake calipers to elevate both performance and safety.

    To help them bring these dreams to fruition, RapidDirect proudly steps in as the sponsor of the crucial racing components required to make this event an undeniable success.

    Rennteam Stuttgart Team

    Why Choose RapidDirect for Racing Car Engineering

    Rennteam Stuttgart entered the Formula Student competition with diverse objectives to push the boundaries of innovation and performance. These objectives were about winning competitions, advancing the team’s engineering capabilities, and setting new industry benchmarks. Before Rennteam Stuttgart can realize its ambitious goals, it must obtain automotive parts that meet the highest standards of precision and quality.

    Components like the mainbar form the baseplate for the pedal box. Aluminum inserts for the carbon fiber suspension are also critical to the overall success of the racecar. These parts are needed to withstand extreme forces, reduce weight for improved performance, and ensure the reliability required for the endurance discipline.

    In their quest for a manufacturing partner capable of delivering high-precision components with fast turnaround times, Rennteam Stuttgart discovered RapidDirect. The decision to choose RapidDirect has a stellar reputation in the manufacturing sector. The exceptional track record for quick production times and consistently high-quality output caught the attention of the Rennteam Stuttgart. This made RapidDirect a compelling choice for this critical partnership.

    “We are profoundly grateful for RapidDirect’s support, as their contributions played an important role in our performance during the competition. Their expertise greatly bolstered our design improvements and the entire production process.”

    Max from Rennteam Stuttgart
    • Online Platform: RapidDirect’s user-friendly online platform streamlined the manufacturing process. The instant quotation system gave Rennteam Stuttgart rapid feedback on machining possibilities, allowing for quick decision-making and efficient communication.
    • DFM Analysis: RapidDirect’s expertise in Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis played a pivotal role. Our engineers provided valuable feedback, suggesting design modifications that simplified the milling process and contributed to cost savings. This collaborative approach ensured that the parts met and exceeded Rennteam Stuttgart’s exacting standards.
    • Real-Time Tracking of Orders: The real-time tracking of orders added a layer of transparency to the manufacturing process. Rennteam Stuttgart could monitor the progress of their components, providing peace of mind and enabling effective project management.
    • Part Quality: RapidDirect’s commitment to delivering high-quality parts was evident in every aspect of its production. The precision and attention to detail in the manufacturing process ensured that the components met the stringent requirements of Rennteam Stuttgart. This contributes to the overall safety and performance of the racecar.
    • Lead Time: One of the top concerns for Rennteam Stuttgart was the lead time. RapidDirect’s self-owned factories and efficient production processes allowed us to meet the team’s demanding timelines. The ability to manufacture parts in minimal time was a decisive factor that contributed significantly to Rennteam Stuttgart’s success in Formula Student competitions.

    Clear, Effective Communication: The Key to Achieving Success

    RapidDirect x Rennteam Stuttgart

    Max from Rennteam Stuttgart, reflecting on the collaboration, stated, “Our goals were ambitious, and the timeline was tight. RapidDirect understood our urgency and responded to it with remarkable efficiency. Their customer service was exceptional, providing quick and insightful responses to our queries, aligning with the urgency of our lead time.”

    He continued, “In motorsports, every second counts, and RapidDirect’s ability to match our pace was crucial. The communication was prompt, clear, and effective. We felt like our concerns truly understood, and the solutions provided were tailored to fit our specific needs.”

    RapidDirect’s swiftness in response time and efficiency in addressing urgent lead times were integral to Rennteam Stuttgart’s ability to maximize testing time. The collaborative efforts ensured that the racecar underwent extensive testing—around 450km—before the first event. This was the longest testing time among the competitors.

    Design for Manufacturing Feedback Helps Save Time and Money

    RapidDirect’s commitment to efficient and cost-effective manufacturing was exemplified through our Design for Manufacturing (DFM) feedback. By engaging in a comprehensive manufacturing analysis, our engineers provided strategic recommendations to simplify the milling process and reduce costs without compromising quality.

    fillet recommendation

    Take an example of our DFM analysis for the mainbar component. We suggest rounding three specific corners of this part. This recommendation aligns with the optimal machining process for this part, which is 4-axis horizontal milling. This technique is chosen for its ability to manage the component’s intricate design while maintaining the necessary high precision. Due to the inherent limitations of CNC milling, these corners are naturally rounded during the process. While Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) could achieve the exact design outlined in the original drawings, it would significantly increase machining costs. Moreover, as these design details are not structurally crucial, we advocate for this adjustment to enhance manufacturing efficiency without impacting the part’s functionality.

    Precise Strategies for The Machining Challenges

    Racing car components adhere to stringent tolerances and specifications to ensure optimal safety, efficiency, and reliability. Meeting these elevated standards often leads to complex machining challenges. However, our advanced machining capabilities, coupled with the expertise of our seasoned engineers, enable us to successfully navigate and overcome these technical difficulties.

    For Mainbar Parts

    machining challenges for mainbar part

    Challenge 1: Thin-Wall Mainbar Part

    In manufacturing the thin-wall mainbar part with a strict 3mm tolerance, our engineers faced significant challenges. The thin walls are prone to bending or vibrating during milling, causing inaccuracies. Additionally, milling generates substantial heat, risking warping and further precision loss.

    To counter these issues, our team employed precise strategies. We used sharp-edged, well-designed cutting tools to reduce force and minimize deflection. Implementing high-speed machining with faster spindle speeds and lower feed rates helped control heat, enhancing the surface finish. Crucially, we adopted a meticulous clamping method, ensuring secure yet balanced placement to prevent warping, thus maintaining the integrity of the thin-wall parts throughout the process.

    Challenge 2: Holes with Tolerance

    Machining holes with a ±0.05 mm tolerance posed significant challenges. Tool deflection, particularly in deep holes, often led to deviations from intended dimensions, while heat from friction caused thermal expansion, further impacting accuracy.

    To address these issues, our engineers prioritized using high-quality, rigid tools to minimize deflection. We also carefully selected optimal cutting speeds and feed rates tailored to the specific material, ensuring greater precision in achieving the required tolerances. These measures were crucial in maintaining the dimensional accuracy of the holes during the CNC milling process.

    Challenge 3: Irregular Shape

    Machining beveled holes with an additional machining angle is particularly challenging due to the precision required in both the hole’s diameter and the bevel angle. This complexity is heightened as the tool must engage the material at a non-standard angle, increasing the risk of tool deflection and inaccuracies. The angled cutting also generates more heat, affecting material properties and dimensions.

    To tackle this, we used specialized tools for angled cuts, and optimizing cutting parameters, such as speed, feed rate, and approach angle, is crucial. These measures help minimize heat generation and enhance cut quality, ensuring precise results in CNC milling of beveled holes.

    For Supplementary Racecar Parts

    machining challenges for supplementary racecar parts

    Challenge 4: Different Machining Surfaces

    The design of the racecar’s parts incorporated multiple machining surfaces, introducing an added layer of complexity to the manufacturing process. To effectively address this, our skilled experts employed a technique of adjusting the rotational angle during the machining process, ensuring precision and quality in the final components.

    Challenge 5: Ease of Distortion

    The presence of numerous slots and holes with tight tolerances increased the susceptibility to distortion during the machining process. There is a need to implement measures to counteract distortion, including strategic toolpath planning and appropriate cutting tools. This will ensure the final components meet the specified tolerances and maintain the desired form.

    Powerful Manufacturing Network

    Faced with a tight timeline, Rennteam Stuttgart urgently required parts for assembly, testing, and practice, giving us a mere 15 days to deliver them in time for their competition. RapidDirect’s robust manufacturing network, featuring self-operated factories and streamlined production processes, played an important role. This setup ensured the prompt creation of top-quality components. This efficiency was crucial in enabling Rennteam Stuttgart to fully utilize its testing period, significantly contributing to its achievements in the Formula Student competitions.

    High-Quality Racing Car Parts and Good Results in Competitions

    RapidDirect’s commitment to precision manufacturing shone through in the quality and craftsmanship of the parts we produced. We produced two mainbar components and over 80 Aluminum inserts. This ensured that the Rennteam Stuttgart underwent thorough testing, driving approximately 450 kilometers, before their first event. This dedication to quality and preparation was paramount to their success.

    mainbar part showcase

    Rennteam Stuttgart’s performance in Formula Student competitions underscored the positive impact of their collaboration with RapidDirect. The successful integration of precision-manufactured components into the racecar contributed significantly to the team’s achievements across multiple competitions.

    Final Results of Rennteam Stuttgart in Formular Student Competitions

    Fast, Passion, Success

    The collaboration between RapidDirect and Rennteam Stuttgart in the Formula Student competition is a narrative of innovation, precision manufacturing, and resounding success. From the initial design challenges to the exciting race victories, this case study is a testament to the relationship between advanced manufacturing and motorsport excellence.

    cheer up rennteam stuttgart

    RapidDirect’s role in optimizing the manufacturing process, providing insightful Design for Manufacturing (DFM) feedback, and delivering high-quality components within tight timelines was vital in improving Rennteam Stuttgart’s performance. RapidDirect’s unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality parts was evident in every facet of the manufacturing process. The precision, attention to detail, and adherence to specified tolerances ensured that the components met the stringent standards set by Rennteam Stuttgart.

    The strategic recommendations, the choice of advanced CNC machines, dynamic machining techniques, and a robust manufacturing network collectively contributed to Rennteam Stuttgart’s triumphs in various Formula Student competitions.

    Rennteam Stuttgart’s Vision for the Future of Their Team

    Rennteam Stuttgart envisions a future characterized by continual innovation, technological advancement, and sustained success in Formula Student competitions. The positive outcomes of the collaboration with RapidDirect serve as a foundation for the team’s future endeavors.

    With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of motorsport engineering, Rennteam Stuttgart aims to build upon its successes and further solidify its position as a leader in the Formula Student community. The team aspires to leverage the lessons learned and the efficient manufacturing processes established with RapidDirect to take their racecar designs to new heights.

    Rennteam Stuttgart expresses gratitude for the collaborative spirit, technical expertise, and unwavering support provided by RapidDirect. The shared journey has resulted in top-class results and has also fostered an enduring partnership that promises to drive future innovations and achievements.

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