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Provide efficient production and faster design to delivery.


Produce precision parts that exceed industry standards.


Create and test products quickly to bring them to market.

Consumer Products

Bring new, affordable products to market faster.


Empower to innovate faster, maximizing performance.


Innovation in enclosures for low-volume production.

Industrial Equipment

Deliver machinery that beats the competition.

New Energy

Speed up innovation and development.

Medical Devices

Build prototypes and products that adhere to medical safety.


Improve efficiency with precise, fast, and constant part quality.


Drive time-to-market through on-demand production.

CNC Machining for Aerospace

The extremely high level of precision needed within the aerospace industry makes CNC machining a suitable manufacturing process for the sector.


This article provides you with a complete guide to aerospace machining and its importance.



Gain valuable insights into manufacturing processes.


Company news, platform updates, holiday announcement.


Improve manufacturing know-how with our eBooks collection.

Case Studies

Learn successful stories to inspire your project.

Surface Finishes

Select from 30+ surface finishing options.


Choose from 50+ metals and plastics for your project.

CNC Machining eBook

If you want to produce high-quality machined parts with a sleek appearance, it’s essential to consider some critical factors related to CNC machining. 


Here, we’ve gathered some basic information and important considerations to help you achieve the desired results.

About RapidDirect

Our vision, mission, development history, and dedicated team.

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Instant Quote for Sheet Metal Fabrication and New Homepage

Exciting news from RapidDirect!  We’ve rolled out two exciting updates to enhance your manufacturing journey. 

  • Instant Quote for Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • A brand-new Homepage Experience

Quality Parts Made Easier, Faster

RapidDirect is your trusted one-stop solution for custom manufacturing from prototyping to production. Transforming your idea into reality with digital manufacturing resources, streamlined processes, expert guidance, accelerated timelines, and uncompromising quality.

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Stop Solution

At RapidDirect, we empower your journey from initial concept to final product with our comprehensive prototyping and production solutions.

Rapid Prototyping


We transform your ideas into precise, real prototypes, accelerating product development with technologies like 3D printing, CNC machining, and injection molding. Our approach enables rapid testing and validation of parts, smoothing the path from concept to market.

  • Employ 3D printing, CNC machining, and injection molding.
  • Quickly iterate and refine designs with high accuracy.
  • Ensure prototypes meet your exact specifications.

Low and High-Volume Production


RapidDirect’s digital manufacturing ecosystem robustly supports seamless mass production with an innovative quoting system, a vast network of partners, and state-of-the-art facilities. This ensures consistent quality and competitive pricing for all custom production needs.

  • Streamlines production processes.
  • Offers diverse manufacturing capacity.
  • Meets tight deadlines with consistent results.

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Manufacturing Partners

15 Years Experience
in metal & plastic prototype and part manufacturing.

What's New at RapidDirect

Streamline Manufacturing Process on Our Platform

Maximum efficiency for rapid prototypes and low-volume production orders with

RapidDirect’s intuitive AI-driven platform.

Eliminate the guesswork and waiting periods for quotes. RapidDirect delivers instant pricing feedback within seconds and professional feedback on part manufacturability. Fast-track your projects and streamline production without delay.

  • No minimum order quantity.
  • Over 100 materials and 30 finishes available.
  • Flexible lead times and shipping options.

Enhance your project’s efficiency. Facilitate seamless interactions and integrated project management among team members. Coordinate efforts and ensure everyone is aligned, updated, and ready to move forward together to solve the common challenge.

  • Quickly form a team and invite members for seamless collaboration.
  • Access and download team-shared quotes and orders.
  • Streamline purchasing workflows with centralized team oversight and payment execution.

Real-time support and expert guidance. Quickly resolve queries and streamline communication directly on the RapidDirect online platform to ensure that we precisely understand and efficiently handle your manufacturing project specifications without delays.

  • Specific assistance for quotes and orders.
  • Support for files, photos, and messages.
  • Instant design file annotations sent directly to live chat.

Simplify your manufacturing oversight. Gain real-time insights into custom production statuses, access detailed part photos, and review quality documents all in one centralized location, streamlining order management for a more transparent process.

  • Instantly track production status for ongoing oversight.
  • Access high-resolution inspection photos to verify quality and precision pre-delivery.
  • Manage and retrieve essential documents, from DFM feedback to invoices, in one secure location.
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Why Choose RapidDirect

We Develop
Parts & Prototype On Demand

Digital Manufacturing

Fast Lead Time

Through enhancing our production methods and utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, RapidDirect considerably cuts down on waiting periods, enabling you to speed up project schedules and maintain a competitive edge.

  • Streamlined production
  • Technology Integration
  • Deadline Commitment
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Digital Manufacturing

High-Quality Assurance

RapidDirect’s quality control team carefully checks every custom-made part to make sure it meets high standards. We use strict inspection procedures and expert oversight to ensure reliability and top performance for your projects.

  • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 14001:2015, IATF 6949:2016 certified.
  • Each part is made with great care for perfect results.
  • Custom inspection protocols fit your project needs.
Digital Manufacturing

Engineering Support

RapidDirect’s technical talents provide detailed design recommendations to enhance your part for manufacturability. our online chat system allows for immediate, on-demand problem resolution. Also, RapidDirect Enterprise Solution offers specialized services tailored to execute large client projects effectively.

  • Comprehensive support from sales, quotation, project, and production engineers.
  • Specialized services for large corporations, including free expediting, monthly payments, complimentary samples, and detailed inspection reports.

China-Based Expansive
Manufacturing Network

RapidDirect owns factories and works with highly vetted partners in China. This extensive network allows for fast production and scalable capabilities for custom plastic and metal parts, ensuring high quality and reliability for all your projects.

Self-Owned Factories

  • 5000㎡ factories in total
  • 200+ total equipment

Manufacturing Network

  • 80+ suppliers
  • 500+ machines


Sets of Machine


Tight Tolerance

1 Day

Fast Lead Time


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