The Car Of The Future Could Be A Classic 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner

1970 was 49 years ago… 1970 was what many consider to be the year of the Muscle Car in the United States. Webster’s American Dictionary defines Muscle Cars as any of a group of American-made 2-door sports coupes with powerful V-8 engines designed for high-performance driving. Every American car manufacturer had a version of a muscle car in 1970.

When you were driving down the road you heard a muscle car long before it easily overtook the car you were in. Muscle Cars were loud, colorful, and powerful with large V-8 Engines A slight push on the gas pedal could send a  muscle car down the road past everything else.

As time goes on Muscle Cars are a rare sight on the road. They are highly prized collectibles today and their fans scour junkyards all over the United States looking for parts that can keep their car running and looking original. Sadly those parts are becoming harder to find since the old muscle cars have long been out of production.

Did you know that it is possible to build an exact replica muscle car today? 

The on-demand custom car manufacturer of the future will be able to take an order for a car that has been out of production for a long time. Each part of the classic car that you love may be virtually warehoused which means that the specific measurements and designs for each individual part of the car have been digitized and stored in a computer.

The 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner was a beautiful example of a muscle car.  Someone could use an original intact model and take it apart piece by piece to replicate each part using modern CNC technology, Injection Molding, and 3D Manufacturing.  A mold for each part could be made and stored. 

The On-Demand Car Manufacturer of the future will take an order for a Roadrunner and each part will be produced using the derived specifics of the old part and the stored molds. They will then be able to assemble that car for a buyer.  A perfect copy of the original with all of the customizations the buyer could want.

Rapid Direct (LINK) is a rapid prototyping company in China that uses state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing equipment, Injection Molding, Metal Fabrication, and 3D Printing to make any part in any quantity. 

A Rapid Direct company spokesman said…

”A company that is in the aftermarket auto parts industry knows what is in demand by their buyers. If the demand is high enough for a certain part we can take the specifics of the original part and produce it for the buyer in a matter of days. We as a company are in a unique situation. We are part of a network of manufacturing companies that can turn out a high-quality part in any quantity and have them in your warehouse in a matter of days. It is that easy. We can do anything from all the parts of a  fuel pump to the engine coolant water pump.  They can all be replicated. We are certainly  living in an exciting time and Rapid Direct is at the forefront of on-demand manufacturing.”

The ability to instantly produce parts eliminates the need for the large warehousing of parts that may never be sold. An aftermarkets part company can maintain any inventory of parts they feel they need without excess. If they use a company like Rapid Direct there are no minimums. If an order comes in for a part and they have the mold or specifics that part can be in the customer’s hands in a few days. Rapid Direct can also replicate a part and create a mold if you don’t have one.

Rapid Direct works with auto manufacturers and aftermarket parts sellers to keep cars on the road. The parts they turn out are of the highest quality and with unbeatable turnaround times.

If you need to harness the power of On Demand Manufacturing for your company or start-up, Rapid Direct can guide you through the process of making a part or mold that you need to get to market. 

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